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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why another church?
A: Now there's a good question, right? And it might be one that you yourself have wondered. Aren't there already enough good churches in this area? Why start another one? Hey, we agree that right here in Cape May County there are a whole lot of good churches. But one thing that every good church wants to do is to share the great news about Jesus Christ. How Jesus died to pay for all of those terrible things that we have all done -- both against God , and against other people. Jesus is the only real answer to the guilt we all experience. So one reason New Life Church is here is to help in sharing the great news. There is an answer for you. It's free forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

But there's a second reason for another church in this area: to provide variety. Different people look for different things in church, don't they? Here in NLC we offer an informal, relational, and discipled style of Christian life. And who knows? Maybe that's exactly what you've been looking for. Why not check us out and see?

Q: Are you guys part of a denomination or larger group?
A: No, New Life Church is what is known as an “independent” assembly, meaning that all of its decisions are made within this local fellowship. We are part of a small network of churches that share the same desire for a meaningful relationship with God through Jesus Christ and a meaningful relationship with each other in Him.

Q: Do you offer personal Bible studies?
A: Yes, Here at New Life Church, we believe the Bible is God's Word -- so it's the foundation for everything we think or do. That's why studying the Bible is crucial. We offer user-friendly, work-at-your-own-pace study materials that can be sent through the mail. These studies are completely free of charge to you. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

Q: What does New Life Church believe?
A: There are three ways to answer that question: where we stand theologically, what our doctrinal statement signifies, and how we approach the personal and corporate Christian life.

First, in terms of our theological convictions, we generally hold to classic evangelical Christian declarations such as the Nicene Creed and the Westminster Confession of Faith. In plain language, that means New Life Church is on the more theologically conservative side of the Church spectrum: we believe in the fundamentals of historic Christianity, including the Trinity, the presence of sin in our world, and the reality of a never-ending life that follows this one.

However, we also recognize that many dedicated Christians sincerely disagree about many matters of doctrine and teaching (such as on spiritual gifts, on the question of free will vs. predestination, or on end times issues), and we don’t want those disagreements to affect our acceptance of and care for other genuine believers. For that reason, second, New Life Church’s doctrinal statement is very brief. It outlines three truths which we believe separate between those who are Christians and those who are not: (1) that Jesus Christ was and is uniquely both God and Man, the fullness of deity in human flesh; (2) that salvation is possible only by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, the substitute for our sin, and this salvation is a gift from God, totally of grace and totally apart from any human deeds or efforts; and (3) that all other doctrinal positions of this church should be discussed and decided on the basis of the Word of God and in genuine Christian love for each other. No one can become part of New Life Church without agreeing to those three points.

But to lots of folks, descriptions like those first two answers can seem vague and pointless. That’s why there’s a third answer to the question, “What does New Life Church believe?”: our practical approach. We believe that the Christian life should be one of joy and fulfillment as we grow toward the purpose God has planted in us. And we believe that belonging together as a church should help each other toward that purpose, should provide everything necessary for authentic spiritual growth. Since our goal is to see each member experience an on-going transformation, we believe we truly need each other for that transformation to happen in our lives.